Why Gut Feelings Ain’t Just For Women: Intuition, Part 1.

by Alexander Heyne · 4 comments

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

-Albert Einstein

Intuitive Decision Making Has Fallen Out of Fashion

In modern times, people tend to associate intuition with one of two things:

  1. New age hippy stuff
  2. A vague concept that really has no life significance or should not be counted as important
I want to address both of these because in my own experience, intuition has been my main decision making tool for just about my entire life.  It is the source of my inspiration, my decision making, my understanding of when to do things or leave them alone, and it is the origin of my ability to interact effectively with people.

An Understanding of Intuition

I don’t think that intuition is anything spiritual or special in the metaphysical sense.  I think that’s what a lot of people tend to believe, and also why a lot of people tend not to believe in intuition.

But it doesn’t take believing, because it is a very concrete (concrete in the sense of thought processes) process that has traceable roots and traceable results.  Sometimes the details in between get lost, but I’ll explain that later.

Why You Should Actually Trust Your Fleeting Feelings

Let me give you the quick run down of my personal reasons to trust intuition.  The majority of these come not from my own experiences but from research suggesting that intuition is more reliable than you think:

  1. Intuition is a reliable form of decision making (however, there are exceptions)
  2. Intuition is not a form of mystical knowledge but rather is comprised of logic and memory working together at insanely quick speeds in order to help you (ideally) make a potentially life-threatening decision quickly. It is an evolutionary survival adaptation
  3. Intuition gives reliable indicators about a person and their temperament, and as a result may improve your ability to interact with a person in a personal setting, a job setting, hiring or firing people, or most importantly, avoiding dangerous people

The Stars of the Show

Two important books I want to draw people’s attention to here are Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and The Gift of Fear by Gavin DeBecker.  The former you have probably heard of, however, the latter most people are unfamiliar with which is a shame, because as the rear fold of the book says: “This book can save your life.”

Click here to read part 2 on thin-slicing, or part 3 on violence-avoidance.

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