The Wine Drinker’s Manifesto: Simple Pleasures, 101

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

A Life of Simplicity

This is a brief rambling on the simple things in life, and thus, will be kept concise.

A Story

Starting in early 2010 I noticed myself become unnecessarily materialistic.  I somehow fell into the “party a lot, have the hottest girl, buy the hottest car, be as flashy as possible, cut the line to the VIP lounge” lifestyle. It consumed my mind.

I think China had something to do with it.  But that’s another story.

So as soon as I burned myself out on one too many (fake) tequila shots (Ya know, cuz China is known for fake everything) and one too many (fake) pretty girls, I sat back, poured myself some tea, and ruminated.

My Happy Playlist

I put on my “happiness” playlist, consisting of a variety of piano, Jason Mraz, Louis Armstrong, Adele, Fort Minor, and others, and started at the beginning.  Life’s happiest moments.

The Good Stuff

I found out pretty much what you’d expect. Material things played a large role in my happiness, but the happiest moments always were with people, experiencing something, learning something, or otherwise “story” producing moments.  Othertimes they were moments by myself.

Tangible Good ‘ol Times:

  • Driving in the summer time, windows down, new music playlist on my iPod going.
  • Wine, just about anywhere at any time.  Wine during the day in a cafe while studying or working.  Wine at night with classical music looking at the stars.  Wine at dinner with great company talking late into the night.
  • Getting something you really want after working a long time for it (for me: a new watch, a trip somewhere, a re-union with a long lost friend)
  • Club shenanigans with good friends
The Intangibles:
  • Conversations deep into the night.  Bar none, my favorite intangible simple pleasure
  • Experiences traveling
  • Waking up on a day with no schedule, getting fresh air and drinking a tea or coffee
  • Skill learning – a language, martial arts, cooking.  Anything that brings people together for a purpose greater than themselves

That’s All Folks

Well, that’s about it.  This post servers no purpose other than as a reminder to slow down, enjoy life, and pause for a moment to reflect on the highest moments of your life – and whether or not they cost you a million bucks to enjoy them.

For more information, there’s a whole society dedicated to enjoying the simple pleasure of going slow.  Read more about “Slow Down Now” here.

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