September’s Awesome Adventure: Tropical MBA

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As you guys know, every month I post a sweet ass adventure for those of you fellow lost 20 somethings that want to try something new.

The adventures of the month are for you if:

  • You want a change of scenery
  • You want to quit your job and go on an adventure
  • You just want an adventure
  • You’re becoming a little bit existential and are becoming curious as to whether or not there’s more to life

This adventure is especially awesome because you have all living expenses taken care of (minus airfare). 

So, without further ado, let’s get the introductions started:


This is a paid internship in Bali, Indonesia (I think Dan also has locations in Thailand and The Philippines, but you should confirm with him).  It’s called the Tropical MBA Program, and you can find it here.

You work for a business start-up, and in return you get to live in an awesome bachelor pad in Bali.  You work during the day (25-40 hours/week varying) and can spend the rest of the time swimming in a honeymooner’s paradise.  Or eating coconuts.  Or drinking beer and partying.


The guy that runs it is a guy named Dan (twitter; @TropicalMBA), and essentially he hosts people for the internship and gives you a salary while you get the work experience of dealing with a start up.

You Get: A salary to cover your living expenses, lodging on location (Bali, Indonesia), three meals a day, and the opportunity to work in a start-up and gain valuable experience.


Bali, Indonesia, or Thailand.



Straight from the Tropical MBA website:

You can either send me an email at Dan @ tropicalmba. com or make a blog post at a free blogging service like posterous and send me the link. Here are my recommendations for applications.

  • A blog post (about 100 to 400 words) with the topic: Why This Opportunity is Huge for Me.
  • A headshot *or* picture of you drinking Asian beer A brief and relevant resume.
  • A quick anecdotal story (100 to 400 words) on why you are uniquely suited for business backpacking / expatriate lifestyle.
  • I’d love to see a Youtube video or podcast audio with a personalized message to me, although it’s optional.
  • Please be available for phone interviews on December 2nd.

You might have questions. Please email them to Dan | at | I’ll post the answers to questions that I think are helpful to the site within 48 hours. Want to follow the Tropical MBA and learn along with us? Just let us know your favorite email address. We won’t send a lot of emails. Promise.

A big hat tip to Seth Godin. His Alternative MBA is what inspired this program.

This opportunity is also mentioned in Episode #10 of the Lifestyle Business Podcast, an Insider’s Look at Outsourcing in the Philippines.

If you want to talk with me, try email or twitter,@TropicalMBA.


For more information

Check out the Tropical MBA Program information, requirements, contact information, etc.

You can find testimonials, interviews with current participants, and all the information you will ever need on the website above.

 Contact Dan on twitter: @TropicalMBA

 Contact Dan via email:


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