Honesty Doesn’t Exist – Diogenes & His Lamp

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“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

-Marcus Aurelius

The greatest man in the world is the one with no expectations of others.  No desire to be useful, or of service.

The problem is that the world is run through relationships — whether or not you like it, an immense amount of your success is based upon your connections.

Not based on your product.  Not based upon how much work you do.  Not based on your marketing.

Just knowing the right people (or just plain people) gives the opportunity for your mediocre product to thrive.

Still, worse — someone achieves a great success — a best selling app, the success of a newly launched course, or a product that made them a lot of money in a little time.

Suddenly they have plenty of “new friends” commenting on their posts and remarking “Great post, buddy!” in the hopes that one day the successful person will reciprocate with their connections.

You can find it all over Twitter, all over blog comments, all over the dumb smirks of the citizens of “the real world”.  It reeks of use and manipulation.

Sometimes I feel like Diogenes with his lamp – eternally wandering and searching for an honest man.  I don’t know if he ever found one.

Telling a clerk that she gave you too much money doesn’t make you a good person.

Holding the door for an old lady doesn’t make you a decent human being.

Going out of your way to help a friend with a project doesn’t mean you’re an evolved individual.

Those are expected. And expected is ordinary, unremarkable.

And if you really don’t care – why bother?  Do you hold the door open for an old lady because “that’s what every good little boy scout does” or because you want to?

Do you return the extra money because it’s society’s expectation of you, or because you want to?

And your friend – do you offer the help because you hope your friend would do the same, or because you feel obligated?

Stop. The universe doesn’t care.  You won’t be punished for not holding the door open. Drop the bubble of artificiality.

This is a call to end all feelings of “obligation” and “societal expectedness.”

Become small and unconcerned. Make your mind sharp and impervious.

Be a turtle, playing in the mud. Spontaneous, natural, alive.

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