7 Posts You Need to Read – For Firestarters, Revolutionaries, And History Changers

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“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”

-William James

There are a bunch of amazing writers, blog posts, messages and voices throughout the internet.  I want to share a couple of my favorites in recent memory, in no particular order, below:

#1 “What is the worst that can happen to me?” - Nina Yau at Castlesintheair.org

Awesome takeaway points:

  • Enjoy your life, every facet of it!
  • Fear is your bitch. If it isn’t, make it your bitch.
  • The anxiety of failure is often way worse than the reality.
  • You should be true to yourself and stop living a lie.

Read the whole post here.

#2 Nice people don’t change the world.” - Joel Runyon at Joelrunyon.com

Note: It has been a long-standing opinion of mine that “nice” is the shittiest, most vague, thoughtless “compliment” a person can receive.  It’s what you say when you have nothing to say about someone. Joel hit a bullseye on this one.

Awesome takeaway points:

  • Nice is the worst, most thoughtless description you can give of someone
  • We’re taught since childhood to fit in, play by the rules, and be a nice little boy.  But “nice” people don’t change the world
  • Nice people are too afraid of hurting other peoples’ feelings, which is why nice people rarely change the world
  • Want to make history? Forget being nice.  Instead, focus on doing something big, something where you write the script.  Haters are going to hate anyway, might as well hate you for doing something epic, right?

Read the whole post here.

#3 Knowing vs. Doing, Let’s Compare These Two Friends Who Try to Earn More” -Eric Douglass Guest Post on Ramit Sethi’s Site. 

Awesome take away points:

  • If you’re a small business owner, an “entrepreneur” (careful with that one), or anyone looking to work for yourself – you’ll really get inspired by this article
  • If you can get 1 person to say yes to buying your product, “you can get hundreds of thousands to say yes”
  • Keeping pushing, most people give up too early to see the fruit of their labors

Check out Ramit Sethi’s Site, I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Read the whole post here.

# 4 “First, Ten”Seth Godin on his blog

Awesome take away points:

  • How to rapidly start a movement
  • How to find out if your product / ideas rock or suck quickly (Min. Viable Product)
  • Realizing that marketing to anonymous masses doesn’t work.  Interruption marketing is on its way out

Read the whole post here.

# 5 “Five rules for success you should know.” – A Guest Post by Gregory Ciotti on Benny Hsu’s Blog

Awesome take away points:

  • High achievers repeatedly share one principle – they constantly invest in themselves, via education.
  • The power of relationships (“They trump almost everything”)
  • Work hard but never forget what’s important at the end of the day

Check out Benny’s blog (which has a ton of other awesome and insanely inspirationional writings).

Read the whole post here

# 6 The age of the independent creator.” - Tynan on his blog Tynan.com

Awesome take away points:

  • “Right now is the golden age for creators”
  • Once everything has becoming so ridiculously cheap to create, we are going to experience a resurgence of a unique commodity: creativity
  • “Any ambitious person right now who is not creating something is making a huge error.”

A short and sweet post, read it here.

# 7 “How living legends ensure success.” - Scott Dinsmore on his blog Liveyourlegend.net 

Note: Scott got his blog name from a key idea in The Alchemist, which, if you recall, is my favorite book (x 1000).   Naturally, his site on passion, getting paid to do what you enjoy, and inspirational living was love-at-first-site.

Awesome take away points:

  • A trait almost always found across the board in extremely high achievers (sports, business, medicine) is constant education, the constant pursuit of growth, and constant self-cultivation/evolution (Yeah, I admit it, I have a hard on for self-cultivation)
  • We’re all guilty of “waiting” for opportunities to present themselves, and then disappointed when they don’t.  Don’t wait, take the initiative and be bold.
  • “No one can keep you from being insanely good at things, no one”

Check out the full post here.

If you like this list, please share it!  I highly recommend checking out the aforementioned blogs, the archives, and connecting with the authors if you can.

I know I for one would like to grab a beer with em!

Pass it on, if you don’t already know them – you should.


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