The Guide to Making a Lasting Business You Love That Funds Your Epic Life

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Some people look into my life from the outside (through rose colored glasses) and say “Wow, you’re so lucky. How do you get to travel all the time, do what you want, learn languages, move around, and experience /learn so much?”

The answer is not so simple.

I often get 4, 5, 6 paragraph existential-sounding emails from people who obviously have dreams but have no bloody clue where to start.

Sound like you?

I get emails sounding like this:

“I’m a 20 something who has always really wanted to do < activity / decision > but I have no idea.  Money is usually an issue, my parents don’t understand me, and I have no idea how to make the move or get started. Can you give me any advice?”

I usually give scattered responses, meaning there isn’t one core set of principles I apply to every situation. And I usually don’t recommend products or anything of that nature (most of us are strapped for cash as it is, especially young people).

However, and this is a big however, there is something you should definitely not miss.

Currently, the only 72 sale is going on.  That means you have 72 hours to buy a couple products that I think are immensely useful for solving 90% of the questions I get via email.

The packet (for $100) contains 18 products (4 in particular I want to share) that cover a huge portion of the questions I get – things like how do I live an epic life, how can I make a blog that makes money, how do I find my passions and make money from them, how can I live an epic, badass life.

(As I publish this, you only have 40 hours left).

Topics / Products Included

  • Finding your passions and making money off them
  • Building a blog that matters (And pays you)
  • Freelancing and getting clients
  • Chris Guillebeau’s unconventional guide to publishing

What’s inside (18 Products All for $100 – See the full list of products included) 

#1 A copy of Chris Guillebeau’s the $100 startup.

I’m really excited to get my hands on this book — In fact i’m going to the NYC book signing next week.

It basically talks about myriad case studies of people making a full-time income (Defined as $50k or more/year) with an initial investment of only $100 (basically the blogging hosting fees).

I’m extremely excited that this is included. You get a hardcover copy shipped to your door.

#2 Blogging Products and making something that matters

  • Creating, designing and marketing your blog that matters (Corbett Barr)
  • Blogging from the heart (Susannah Conway)
#3 Products that help you build a passion-based business
  • Trailblazer (lite – identifying your passion and workbook)
  • Live off your passion
#4 Freelancing
  • You don’t need a job, you need guts (Ashley Ambirge)
  • Men with pens ebook package
#5 Productivity
  • The Tao of awesome (Johnny B Truant)
  • 30 Days of Courage with Yoga
#6 Selling and Advertising
#7 Technology and Systems
  • The personal MBA Guide to small business infrastructure (Author of the famous & successful “Personal MBA” program)
  • How to make iPhone apps (the exact process my friend Benny used to make $30,000 in 30 days from his iPhone app)
  • Evernote essentials
#8 For Artists and Creatives
  • Turning your hobby into a career by Alyson Stanfield
  • Unconventional guide to publishing by Chris Guillebeau

Obviously, this is a shit ton of content in 18 individual products (check them out again), for $100.

The sale expires in 40 hours


There are 4 products in particular I’m intrigued by, and I think a lot of you guys could use:

#1 is Scott Dinsmore’s “Live Off Your Passion Lite” –

Scott has helped thousands of people build passion-based businesses, and his product is an extremely thorough system for helping you to do so.

The version included in this Only72 sale is a lite version, but the PDF you get it still 150+ pages (I bought the whole package, obviously).


#2 is a light version of Trailblazer

Jonathan mead is a self described day-job killer who helps people get paid to do work they love. ‘Nuff said.












#3 is Creating, Designing, and Marketing your blog that matters

I’m one of the many thousands of people that started a blog with no road map, just a change that I saw that needed to happen in the world.

And I messed up (and continue to mess up..) a shit ton.

Corbett’s guide to building a blog that matters is blueprint I wish I had.  really basic questions like “what is your ideal audience, or what problem do you solve?” make all the difference in your success along the path.

Many people ask me for blogging help — I would suggest they first get this package and then see if they want to invest into one of Corbett’s larger classes.


These 3 products are included in the 18 total. I highlighted those few because I think they answer most of the niche questions I get asked on a near-daily basis.


So, as a quick recap:

  • There are products here that answer 90% of the questions I get via email
  • There are products here that will help you build a business from your passion
  • There are products here that will help your start living an epic, badass life

There are 18 products in total, the entire package costs $100, and the offer expires in 40 hours.

It’s reallyworthwhile, and if you’ve been considering buying some products from the blogosphere but were hesitant because of prices, now is the time.

Also, as an FYI I bought the whole package last night – so I can tell you it’s worth it (I don’t recommend products I haven’t purchased and checked out first).

As always, if you have questions and/or are uncomfortable buying it without knowing more, email me (Alexander / at /

. I’d be happy to answer any questions as someone who has already purchased the package.

Check out the only72 sale – it only happens twice a year and there really is massive value in there.

See the full product list here.


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Steve Rice May 1, 2012 at 5:58 pm

(Promise that my podcast and post–on Thursday–this week wasn’t aimed at your post title!) :P

Thanks for promoting this package. Can’t wait to read Chris G’s book! I have a few of the other products already, but the rest look amazing. Some great resources for those starting out…and those of us looking to ramp up the game.


afheyne May 7, 2012 at 1:08 pm

Haha Steve did you check out the products yet? There is a TON of awesome information, I just need to set aside some time this week to go through it all. Definitely excited for Chris’s book too.

How was your weekend?


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