The One Reason That New Entrepreneurs Fail (That No one Talks About)

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How much invisible bullshit is running your life?

Seriously, how many things do you believe or buy into without questioning, things that limit or filter how you see the world?

Just the other day (turkey day) I was sitting around the dinner table with a glass of wine and a stuffed belly, when the usual fireside chats broke out at the dinner table.

My aunt, perpetually claiming she’s in the process of working out a $30 million deal with gold miners, started talking about a new deal that she had going that fell through.

And that’s when my other aunt chimed in and said, “You know, I heard this thing the other day saying that if you were a millionaire you, by default, had harmed people in the process. I totally believe it.”

I froze. That sentence hit me like a ton of bricks – not only because it was untrue, but also because that particular relative was chronically broke.


So by becoming a millionaire means you will kill people in the third world and sell your soul to the devil. Being chronically broke. I see a correlation going on here.

How much of this bullshit runs your life without you knowing it?

I talk a ton about how becoming successful is so much more than just hard work and effort – I’ve witnessed time and time again that there is massive personal development that goes on during the process and massive change that has to take place within a person during that time.

So it makes me wonder how many wrong assumptions about reality we make that hold us back. It makes me wonder how many filters (read: “beliefs” about the world) we have in our head that  color everything we do.

People love telling themselves “Oh I need xxx qualification and xxx amount of time and xxx personal connection to get xxx job/position/opportunity.” But how much of that is really true?

Can you imagine how many dieters fail to lose weight or go on a diet because they believe some silly assumption (“I can’t eat the foods I want, I have to starve myself, and I have to workout 7 days a week”)

Can you imagine the millions of 20 somethings losing their minds because they believe some crap about “having to have it all figured out, now?”

All I can say is one thing – don’t believe the shit that your mind tells you. 

How many of these hidden assumptions must be preventing you from reaching success or further growth in any and every domain?

Is this “personal development” thing a scam or what?

You know what always used to catch my attention? I used to get skeeved out when I read that all these ultrasuccessful dudes spend 50-200k a year on “personal development.” That sounded sketchy as hell, what kind of personal development? Is this some kind of cult or monopoly that the famous are forming?

It seems like there are two broad categories of people regarding the personal development movement.

The first is inherently cautious and wary – they think it’s a crock ‘o shit.

The second group is insanely suggestible. It’s 90% of the audience at the Tony Robbins seminars and the “money” personal development people.  You know, the people that would believe anything that a really good public speaker said. They mix the speaker for the message sometimes. They want to believe.

I’m not the person to judge if you’re a sucker or not – but the truth is that there are some real, legitimate (false) assumptions about the world that hold many of you back.

The example of my aunt was just one of them — and I’ve learned is exceedingly common. For some reason there is a common belief that success and money are dirty — that by becoming wealthy you’d be somehow selling your soul and killing starving African children. Really?

Now let’s take it a step further – what incentive is there for my aunt to try and become wealthy if she already talks about how much she hates the wealthy and how douchey they are? None! 

And thus it doesn’t surprise me that my aunt has been poor her entire life, and will probably continue to struggle financially until the day she dies.

Meanwhile she’s going to continue talking about how life hates her, how she’s a victim of her circumstances, and how our family has “bad money luck.”

She has no clue about the false internal dialogue going on in her head.  It runs her.

Waiting for the world to change

“I’m waiting for the right time. I’m waiting to receive some signs. I’m waiting to get the green light by the universe.”

How many times have you heard that from someone?

The sad part is that, for years, I told myself this same shit too. And guess how much I actually got done and accomplished? Not very much.

Some other “invisible bullshit” that we tell ourselves is that “once the signs show up, It’ll be a clear and easy path.”

New entrepreneurs are prone to believing this too — hell, humans are. Why?

Because it’s nice thinking that once the stars align that path is going to be extremely easy, and you’ll coast along. It’s built into our psyche. Quick fixes enamor us.

The problem is that this is a very deep belief by many people -this is deeply embedded in their psyche – just like my aunt with the belief that all millionaires built their wealth on the struggling backs of others.

Well guess what, if you believe in the concept that there is a perfect time to launch, you’re gonna try and wait for that perfect moment.

Many of these people end up waiting forever and never launching.  And this was all built on an assumption (true or false).

Being a college grad will get me a great job, right?

And the third assumption – that going to college will get you a great job.

This is just an ingrained belief that many of us have — so what happens when we graduate and don’t get a great job, or any job? We feel like we’ve been cheated. We feel like “this is some bullshit!”  Where the hell is the chocolate cake I was promised after doing my homework?

The problem is that this is just another filter or assumption imposed by our mind — and regardless of its truth, we choose to believe it.

Ultimately, here’s the problem with all of these things your “mind” may tell you during your trench time as an entrepreneur:

There is a TON of resistance towards reality that occurs when what you believe (regardless of the truth) doesn’t gel with reality. And that makes your life a hell of a lot harder.

All of these assumptions, filters, or invisible dramas we tell ourselves are just thoughts or beliefs. They are just cultural biases that we buy into and never question.

Your mind is holding you back

The internal drama is the worst part of being an entrepreneur.

So many people understand intellectually what it means to “work really hard” or put in a 12 hour day. But so few people understand, from an emotional standpoint, the internal dialogue, the doubt, the self sabotage, the filters and filters of assumptions and beliefs that attack you.

If you are a chronic starter-stopper, a self-sabotager, someone who gets super excited to start something and then always stops two feet from the start line… it’s time to look into your mind and see what kind of bullshit you are telling yourself.

Behind everyone’s success’s and failures, there are layers and layers of personal drama holding us back or propelling us forward.

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