Want to Finally Quit Your 9 to 5 And Start Something? New Manifesto Coming Soon

by Alexander Heyne · 2 comments

It’s became obvious to me that there is not much good starter information on being an entrepreneur. In fact, most of it is shitty, or worse, vague.

Another big problem is that there is so much information that new entrepreneurs have no idea what to use.

Things like “follow your passion” or “Work smart, then hard” or follow xxx steps aren’t very useful to the beginner. Telling someone to read a business book is also not useful to a beginner. Handing someone a marketing book is way too much information.

When I started (and failed) at a couple of my own projects over the years, I noticed a couple problems – 3,4,5, – that almost every new entrepreneur makes.

The seasoned entrepreneur considers them rookie mistakes, but the novice entrpreneur has a blind spot and seems to constantly make these few mistakes over and over.  They are EASY problems to fix.

That’s why I created a new manifesto for you guys, Entrepreneurial Advice That Doesn’t Suck, detailing the top 5 or 10 issues I see over and over, and how to fix them. Of course, you’ll also get my sad SOB story about my duff ups and what I should’ve done differently.

The Story: I did everything wrong when I started

Over the past two years, I wanted to start a business and on several occasions did. Unfortunately, having studied Biology (like many of you coming from different industries) I had no idea about the very basics of studying business. I didn’t know the difference between sales and marketing, I didn’t know what a USP was, I thought people would just buy from me because I’m awesome (really… I am.)

That means that I made a ton of mistakes. Actually, I made ALL the mistakes. In retrospect I feel a little stupid for not having noticed them because they’re obvious now, but in the beginner’s mind these aren’t so obvious.

So, here’s the breakdown of the goodies.

What You’ll See in the Manifesto

There will be a pretty good amount of content in here, covering a couple topics and broken into a few sections:

Part 1: Bullshit Advice

  • 5 Reasons You Should Not Become an Entrepreneur
  • Why You Should Not Follow Your Passion
  • Beating Resistance (Why It’s Taking Forever to Start)
  • Rookie Mistakes and Million Dollar Ideas
Part 2: How Not to Suck
  • The Same 5 Mistakes Almost All New Entrepreneurs Make
  • The Marketplace
  • The Artist’s Dilemma: Stop Making Music and Start Selling it
  • Stop Practicing Writing And Start Learning Marketing
  • How Not to Suck at Finding Profitable Business Ideas
  • Why Should I Give a Shit?
Part 3: Not all Millions Are Created Equally (How Not to be Married to Your Work)
  • Leverage – Why Most Business Owners Have no Life
  • Detaching Time From Money
  • Run the System Don’t be a Cog in the System

Stay tuned for updates!

Whether you’re a martial artist, life coach, acupuncturist, author, artist, personal trainer, or just rookie entrepreneur, there will be something here that will help you, and hopefully totally change how you view business.

If you want to be notified when the new manifesto is released, hop on the mailing list up top.

Better get excited…

Ciao Ciao



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Mike December 18, 2012 at 11:00 am

I’m hooked. Can’t wait to see it!


Alexander Heyne December 18, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Thanks mike! I just realized it’s almost exactly a year after the first manifesto was released too! Man so much has happened in a year.


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