From Hero to Zero In a Heartbeat… To Living Our Dream Lifestyle

by Alexander Heyne · 10 comments


Note from Alex: This is a guest post by my friend Andre over at Chilledliving.

You can learn more about him and what he does at the end of the article.

From Hero to Zero In A Heartbeat… To Living Our Dream Lifestyle

Hi guys and gals –

When Alex gave me the outline for this blog post I nearly had heart failure…lol

The burning question was, “How do I limit the content to between 500 and 700 words?”

It was nearly as bad as when we had to reduce everything we owned to 30kgs after we lost $15 million, our home, our properties, our cars and our businesses.

This is a real life story of how we went from being very wealthy to losing it all and then to living our dream lifestyle on a tropical island.

In a nutshell, or a 30kg suitcase, here is our story…

We built 4 multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up that generated in excess of 15 million in revenue per year.

We personally earned more than $2 million per year.

We owned 5 properties, luxury cars, and lived in a 6000 square foot home.

We were wealthy by most people’s standards.


Although we had money we didn’t have a life.

We were slaves to our work, our staff, the banks and our clients.

We were prisoners to the life we created.


All we ever wanted was to earn enough money, spend our life together and be happy.


When things started going wrong our whole life came crashing down…

We lost everything in less than 12 months.

We were broke, devastated and unhappy.

During our ordeal we learned some very profound lessons that helped us to turn our life around.


Lesson # 1 – Make the right choices and your life will be easy.

When Myra and I met 8 years ago and got married within 3 months we were told… but you hardly know each other…

Little did they know that it’s not about how long you know someone or how much you know about someone that matters.

Knowing someone is about that connectedness you share, from that first moment when your eyes meet, and you know you have loved this person your entire life.

We knew getting married was the right thing to do so the decision was easy!

Which choices in your life have been easy and which one’s have been tough?

Based on your own experience what is your take on this lesson?

Lesson # 2 – Don’t become a prisoner to your own life.

Although we earned a bucket load full of money and had all the “riches” most people want we really didn’t have a life.

As a family we shared a home, but never shared our life… it was a total disconnect with what we wanted.

We were stressed out from working 15-20 hour days 7 days per week.

That is not living!

This is the new home that we already had designed to build before our life collapsed around us:

 andre image 1 andre image 2


Lesson # 3 – Don’t build your castles with sand.

To live a happy and successful life you have to have a strong and solid foundation.

You need to create a business (work) that supports your lifestyle and not a lifestyle that supports your business (work)!

In the end it is not about the money or the stuff you accumulate, it is about the lifestyle you have had.

What foundations are you building your life on and what is your lifestyle plan?

How do you plan to Live, Work and Play Successfully?

Lesson # 4 – Never limit your right to Live The Way you want to live.

We had some tough decisions to make as our past choices limited us badly.

To a major extent we were controlled by others and had very little freedom to live the life we wanted.

We made the decision to Live Our Dream Lifestyle and decided to:

Create a new life somewhere else,

We wanted Chilled Living and not stressed living,

We wanted Time, Money and Location Freedom.

But most of all we just wanted to be together and spend our days in anyway we choose.

We redesigned our lifestyle, sold everything that still belonged to us for cash, reduced our possessions to 30kgs each and moved to South East Asia.

andre 3

andre 4

Since then, we created the “SMART Lifestyle Business program” which shows you step-by-step how to build a successful online business and live your dream lifestyle.

You can learn more about it here.

We managed to turn our life around completely and have designed the program to help you do the same.

If you have any questions please feel free to send them to us via Alex because we will help you in anyway we can.


You can learn more about Andre & Myra at

Thoughts, questions, comments on Andre’s story?

Leave ‘em below:

- Alex


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{ 10 comments… read them below or add one }

Karl March 20, 2014 at 6:38 pm

While I appreciate this post, as a business owner with NO WHERE NEAR the amount of income as Andre, one thing is clear: these guys MUST have been absolute IDIOTS with their cashflow. Like, all-time idiots.

TO HAVE THAT MUCH CASH coming in, if true, and not have a big enough nest egg where you’d have:
1. At least one, if not several, modest income producing properties paid for.
2. Businesses worth at least $.20 on the dollar to sell off.
3. At minimum, mid-t0-high six figures in a nest egg full of cash – or whatever you converted it to – just sitting there for when you need it…

Is borderline unbelievable.

THESE GUYS should have had enough money to live – comfortably, without working – anywhere in the US, or around the world.

And they wouldn’t have to be running an online business to now pay for the lifestyle, unless they wanted to.

Good story, I guess. But COMPLETELY misses the true lesson, in my opinion.


Andre K March 25, 2014 at 1:45 am

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your comments.

Yes, you are right, we learnt very very expensive lessons from this…

Thanks for the compliment calling us “ABSOLUTE idiots”… at least we are in good company, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Donald Gordon, Walt Disney, Larry King, Kim Basinger etc all went broke in a spectacular fashion… so at least we have a great upside.. and will become filthy rich again if we choose to do that.

Read this post and see some more “ABSOLUTE idiots”

And I’d rather be in the arena playing the game than make comments that reveal more about you than it does about us being “ABSOLUTE idiots”

I can only say that your comments about “business” are weak in the least… let’s take the one about cash flow because it isn’t even close to being accurate…

You see it’s not cash flow or turnover that matters it is your Net PROFIT MARGIN. Neither of those can be “saved” as you imply. Only what is left after everything, including taxes, is paid can actually be saved.

I love learning from others so please enlighten me… what is “the true lesson” ? in your opinion…


Robert March 25, 2014 at 10:50 am

I totally agree with you Karl. There is no lesson in that. I find there more desperate movement. ” We’ve had it all- look at the photos aren’t they great, mansions, villas etc. – yeah that’s the life we used to have. Want the same ? Just buy one of our products so we will tell you how to get there…for us is impossible..and the only cash we get now is if you but monthly tutorials” COME ON !!! Dumb people want to trick other even dumbest into buying some ideas…open up your mind, do some research guys. You are not so useless to pay for something like that from total losers.


Paul March 21, 2014 at 7:55 am

Alex what shall I say…I used to follow your posts, read a lot but as time goes on I’ve noticed you add link to many paid websites and in a matter of fact not cheap ones. This one here comes to ONLY $297 a year so I guess that’s just one of many incomes you may get from other inspirational sites for placing their links here. You see it goes round in circles and this so-called kick start to some new, dream life will not come free. Just please don’t make you followers blinded on another extra special plan for future because it just doesn’t seem right not to inform them on marketing you are obviously doing for somebody else. Just honestly put down the price under each article similar to this one so we will all know what you are up to….


Alexander Heyne March 24, 2014 at 10:27 am

Hi Paul,

Actually I don’t receive any commission if you buy Andre’s product.

Whether you decide to buy is up to you – whether you think it’ll help you get closer to your goals and dreams.

Hope that helps



Andre K March 23, 2014 at 11:06 pm

Hi Paul,

This is Andre from Thanks for your comments, it is much appreciated.
It is good to see what you think and and I’d like to correct something right up front.
Alex is not earning a single penny from anything that is sold on our site.
He gave us an opportunity to tell our story to his followers because he feels that there might be some of you that can benefit from reading what we went through.
It was done to help you realise that you can change your life if it isn’t the way you want it to be; it was not done for financial gain!

If you have been a follower of his, like we have, then you will know that he is really a great guy and very straight up. He doesn’t beat around the bush.

I particularly liked your comment about “this so-called kickstart to some new, dream life will not come free.”

Yes, you are 100% correct… nothing in life comes for free. You either pay a small price to live the life you want or you pay a much larger price for living the life you don’t want.
It’s always up to you to choose what you want in life… and what you are willing to pay for it.
Go read this post: (You don’t have to buy anything, just read it and think about it)

Paul, please tell me how much are you willing to pay for a better life? Is it less than 0.83 cents per day ? ($297 per annum)

P.S. As a last thought, what would be wrong with it if Alex was earning money from something he sells off here? Every single post he does is done for Your Benefit as his subscriber.
P.S.S. Do you have any idea how much time, research and effort goes into writing the posts he writes so you can hopefully learn something from it, take some action and improve Your life?


Paul March 26, 2014 at 7:07 am


First thing. I actually was here because I like to read stuff that is practical and have some facts combined from several other sources, books and articles and that’s what milkthepigeon is to me because Alex here did not invent anything that hasn’t been said before but I truly admire his work.
Now coming back to your product I do not believe you ultimately offer a “better life” what you are offering is formula, tools without guarantee! You just think you got this recipe for life and doing marketing with it.
Alex got us confused here. Why? On his website there are solutions, ideas, tasks, exercises but I can’t see any genuine advice on your site. And again nobody forces me to buy anything yeah what I’m saying is your content has very little in common with this one ( so far ).

That’s my opinion but anyway I send you my best regards Andre :-)


Andre March 26, 2014 at 10:39 am

Hi Paul, it’s nice chatting with you and once again thanks for your feedback… It actually helps us in improving our site.
I understand what you are saying because Alex offers great content and some controvertial ideas which is really good to challenge our thinking.
Paul, there are very few “new ideas” in the world. Most of the time its just a different angle that is being offered on an existing thought.
Sometimes this different viewpoint is the exact one we need to change our habits and our life…
We actually re-worked our site based on some comments we received and I think it is much better because of the feedback.
As Bruce Lee said… “If everybody helps their neighbour nobody will be without help” :-)
Oh btw our “good stuff” about creating a successful online business and life is inside our members area… thats what people pay for… lol… I think Alex has spoiled you guys rotten… he should’ve started charching you for what he offers on here…
… and yeah there are only money back guarantees, we can’t offer you a guarantee on your performance… That’s Your job :-) We give you a system and you decide the outcome…
Take care and remember to have fun! :-) Ultimately you need to Live, Work and Play successfully…

rob March 25, 2014 at 6:54 am

Oh dear, in one post Milk the Pigeon drops from the world of the credible to the the world of marketing….


Alexander Heyne March 25, 2014 at 11:29 am

Hi Rob,

No one is forcing you to buy anything. Just enjoy the article and take the wisdom for what it’s worth.



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