Success is Never An Accident

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Success, however you define it, is never an accident.

It’s funny – watch this awesome music video, and then read this guy’s comment:

“Life isn’t that beautiful, nobody can live like this, not even rich people.”

Here’s what I wrote back:

my responseSo let’s talk about how you can never end up like this guy.

As sad as it seems, he really believes this is a life unique to the top 1% of the world.

It’s not.

Living an Epic Life is NEVER An Accident

Dream job.

Dream lover.

Dream location

Dream life.

All of these things are DELIBERATELY CRAFTED.

This is my core message on milk the pigeon – if you want to live a special or extraordinary life, you have to PAY THE PRICE.

I don’t care about driving Ferraris and living in a mansion with playboy bunnies around me. But I DO want to travel more than the average person, I DO want to have an unconventional relationship with someone I love, I DO want to have unlimited options and not feel like I got STUCK in life because “that’s just what happened.”

I DO want to wake up and do exactly what I want, with whoever I want, wherever I want.

In other words, I wanted everything in my life to be a conscious choice: from the person I’m with, to the job I work, to how I spend every minute of my day.

Think about that: imagine if every part of your life was a CONSCIOUS choice – you literally wrote down on paper what you wanted, and now you have it.

It can be.

My life is becoming this more and more every day, and here’s why:

I’m beginning to live all these things because:

A. I figured out what I wanted (read this if you don’t know)

B. I worked (and continue to work) my ass off, in other words, I paid the price.

You Have to Pay the Price For Success and Fulfillment

What’s the price of having a six pack?

Regular gym time, and regular eating well.

If you’re 50 pounds over weight, that probably means 4 days a week lifting weights – so 4 hours a week – with at least 2 years.

That’s 416 hours in the gym.

Toss in the number of hours cooking healthy meals each week, for the 104 weeks in those 2 years, and maybe you have another 500 hours.

So you’re looking at maybe 1,000 hours for having a six pack. That’s the PRICE you have to pay.

What’s the price of having your own business that pays you while you sleep?

Regular grinding, putting in hours after your day job for as many years as it takes, some long days and weeks (and years) at the start.

Well, I can tell you that I put in 3-4 hours after each day of work.

And each weekend I spend about 6-10 hours (sometimes a lot more).

And some work days I even spend 5-6 hours.. on top of my 9 to 5.

You do the math – in the average year, the price I pay is over 1,500 hours…per year… on top of a 9-5 day job.

That’s the PRICE I have to pay to one day be free.

What’s the price of having a relationship that very few people on the earth have the pleasure of having?


Living deliberately.

3, 5, 10, 20 years after the infatuation phase is gone, still buying your girlfriend flowers, making cute home-made cards, taking her out and dating her, bringing her on a hot air balloon with some champagne for her birthday, telling her “I love you” even when you’re pissed off at her.

But If You DON’T Live Deliberately – Life Will Give You Very Little

Here’s the thing:

Most of what happens to you in life, if you don’t choose, is mediocrity.

Dunno what career or job you want?

You’ll probably fall into a corporate job, giving you just enough money to survive and never more, with a douche boss, and coworkers that couldn’t give a shit about anything but American Idol.

Dunno what partner or spouse you want?

You’ll probably find a girl or guy that’s “good enough” and “will do” – and you’ll fall in love, and in three years you’ll fall out of love, it’ll grow stale, and if you’re brave you’ll break it off, and if you’re not you’ll stick with it and get married.

Dunno what kind of life you want?

You’ll get the same life as everyone else. The 9 to 5, the job that ranges from “ok” to “soul crushing,” the family that’s nice, the dreams you have but you never pursued, planning to travel but never doing it, and lots more.

It doesn’t have to be this way if you don’t want it to.

How to Live the Life You Want

Like I said, the kind of life you’re dreaming of has to be deliberately crafted.

It won’t happen on its own.

How do I know?

I get emails every single day from the thousands of men and women that say this exact sentence:

“I had all these dreams and just assumed they would happen. But now I’m 42, with a wife, kids and a mortgage, stuck at a job I hate, wondering how I even ended up in this life. I just feel like I’m in someone else’s life. I don’t know how I got here.”

Don’t let that happen to you.

There are only three things you need to know:

  1. Understand that this kind of life is DELIBERATE. It will NOT just happen.
  2. You need clarity about what you want. (Read this)
  3. You need to PAY the PRICE (do the work)

So today, do you know what you want?

And are you willing to pay the price for what you want?

Don’t wake up one way as the cynic who never had the guts to go for what he or she wanted. That life IS possible.

But you have to live deliberately, because success is never an accident.



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