Happiness & Dreaming

My early 20s was like one kick in the nuts after another. In-case you were living in a bubble, or you were raised middle or upper class, or you were sheltered, real life was probably a shit storm for you. It was for me. I was raised in a mid upper class white area, went […]


“I have this great job, with benefits, tons of money, freedom, and great hours… so why am I not happy?” Someone recently asked me this question, and I realized that many people have asked me this question over the years. It is pretty perplexing after all – logically, it looks great on paper. I have […]


Where I worked remotely last week – Catalina island. If you love Tim Ferriss, and are following his “lifestyle design” advice, you’re setting yourself up to be miserable. I’ve lived the lifestyle design dream for the past few years… and I’ve realized there’s one huge problem At first, discovering this was a godsend. Although I […]


I was a classic good student. It ended up screwing me in life. I got good grades. I showed up to class. I did what I was told. I passed through the system pretty effortlessly, not stirring up too much shit, not getting into too much trouble, just looking to get on with it. I […]


“When you learn how to die, you truly learn how to live.” – Tuesdays With Morrie Tomorrow is my 26th birthday. And I’ve been thinking a lot about the following question: If it were my last one, would I be happy with what I’ve done with my life? Not in an egoic, “look at all […]