Lost 20 something interview series

Let’s face it, you probably want to quit your 9-5 or earn some extra money. But becoming an entrepreneur is not easy. In fact, when I started getting into entrepreneurship, I made all the mistakes. And that was when I realized that virtually every other entrepreneur makes the same mistakes, too. Honestly there are only a […]


Milk the pigeon began with one huge question: What the hell do I want to do with my life? You see, I knew that I wanted to do big things, and that those big things had nothing to do with the day to day bullshit I was dealing with at work and in my life. I just couldn’t […]


Let’s face it, many people tell you that your 20’s are for making mistakes, right? Others have told me that “your 20’s are your wealth building years.” Yet another person has told me that “your 20’s is your last chance to be sexually promiscuous and participate in orgies to dionysus.”  (Thanks…. ) But very few […]


The problem with wannabe entrepreneurs and 20 somethings You don’t deserve shit. This is one of the hardest facts about the universe that I’ve had to accept in the past year. My generation of college grads is being bred to believe that we’re entitled, special, and can get whatever the hell we want whenever the […]