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Every guide to finding your passion sucks. I wish someone told me sooner that “finding your passion” by reading books and thinking doesn’t work. Damnit. For those of you looking to figure out what in the hell you could possibly do for the rest of your life,¬†please take this one piece of advice. You can’t […]


How much invisible bullshit is running your life? Seriously, how many things do you believe or buy into without questioning, things that limit or filter how you see the world? Just the other day (turkey day) I was sitting around the dinner table with a glass of wine and a stuffed belly, when the usual […]

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The problem with wannabe entrepreneurs and 20 somethings You don’t deserve shit. This is one of the hardest facts about the universe that I’ve had to accept in the past year. My generation of college grads is being bred to believe that we’re entitled, special, and can get whatever the hell we want whenever the […]


Every once in a while you meet someone who shits on your dreams big time. ¬† I’m not talking about someone who questions what you’ve got, or someone who asks tough questions. Those people are called friends. I’m talking about someone who outright, right off the bat, tells you “good luck!” with an asshole-like smirk […]