Most of us are on a quest to live fucking awesome lives.  I think this is why the dude in the Dos Equis commercials inspires me so much. He’s the one everyone wants to sit down with and talk to. Why? He’s lived a fucking awesome life. He makes you look like a worm because […]


As I take a few months off to explore the Philippines and Taiwan, I can’t help but feel that travel (particularly long-term vagabonding-style travel) is an escape, and sometimes only that. It’s what so many of us use to put off (or escape) reality to some day over the rainbow. We put it on the […]


If you think living anywhere and being your own boss / badass entrepreneur will solve most of your problems, you’re in for a rude awakening. You see, at the start I was like everyone else. I read the 4 Hour Work Week, I started blogging, I got obsessed with location independence. I thought “how sick […]


Let’s face it. You’re tired of the existence you’re living and you decided that it’s time to partake in the revolution. You decided that what you’re living now is  a lie, that it’s so exhausting and draining that you’re formulating your strategic plan to evacuate. Except no one’s got your back. Your parents don’t say […]


I was a really annoying kid to talk to when I was younger. I was always asking “God questions,” almost always revolving around the word “why.” Why am I here.. what am I supposed to do.. where should I go next.. why do I have to do this.. And it pissed people off, I mean, […]