Qualities of successful people and millionaires

There is a problem with most of us in the west. Whenever we want to reach a certain goal, achieve or start something, we’re always told to invest effort and be disciplined. I really need to go on a diet! – Work hard at it and discipline yourself! I want to build a successful business. – […]


Ambition is a mental illness. It will not make you any more successful than anyone else. And it definitely will not make you any happier. For many years, I was that typical “ambitious” type. You know, I started stuff. I got good grades. I didn’t waste my time. I wanted to “change the world.” I […]


Shopping around for options, second opinions, and more methods and tools for “success” appears to be human nature. Just look at the diet fads every 3-6 months. Regardless of whether or not they work we LOVE the idea that somewhere around the corner is another tip, another secret that will magically revolutionize how we achieve xxxx […]


“Most people believe they are ambitious, I think. But there is ambitious, and then there is 70-hour-a-week obsessive, driven, hungry ambitious. Can you make it if you are just kind of ambitious? Probably, in some cases. But most successful entrepreneurs I know paid some serious dues. They did not want to be successful, they needed to be successful.” -From […]


“Nut up or Shut up” -Zombieland Most people have such an innate fear of vulnerability — the fear of failure, the fear of trying new things, the fear of quitting a job they dislike just because it’s uncomfortable and the unknown is scary, the fear of doing something new for the first time when you […]