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There are a couple things you’ll find here:

#1 Are manifestos/products I have created that I hope will be immensely useful.

#2 Products that I have personally used and tested made by other people, that I think are extremely worthwhile.

Milk the Pigeon’s Products and Manifestos

Killing Your Old Life and Living the Dream – Manifesto


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The reason why many of us are unhappy and feel like our lives are pointless
  • Why success is impossible without knowing what you want
  • Why “feeling lost” in life is okay (and what to do about it)
  • How to escape the rat race
  • How to create a conversation-worthy life
  • How to get a life that doesn’t suck, and instead make history

Download it here (Right click save-as)

Renaissance Business via

I first came across Emilie’s Puttylike product about a month ago.

I was curious what she had going on over there, and I liked the idea of it: that we all have multiple interests that we can capitalize on.

You don’t have to choose a specialization or niche. And just because you bounce around from interest to interest doesn’t mean you’re insane.

Emilie has found a great system where you can analyze all of your bounced-around hobbies/interests/passions and figure out what the hell is the underlying trend there.

And if you want to — capitalize on it, and live off it.  She has the system down — everything from figuring out what the hell all the chaos in your life means, to converting that into hard, tangible success Check out Renaissance Business

Blogging Tools I Wish I Knew About

I wish there were a couple tools and services that I knew about right at the start, which you can find below:

Hosting:  Make sure you use and not if you have intentions of using advertisements to monetize your blog.

I originally had no idea that they had two separate services, and so I spent $120 to transfer my site over.  Not fun.

But other than the above-mentioned issue, WordPress is incredible and if someone tech-retarded like me can work it, anyone can.


HostgatorHostgator hosting. I use HostGator on this site and have heard nothing but good reviews about them.  Their servers never crash, they are 100% reliable, have incredible customer service, and they even wait a period of time before closing your site if you neglect to pay (or your card gets declined).  Totally worth working through Hostgator.



Thesis themeThe Thesis Theme for WordPress . Thesis is pretty badass honestly.  Originally I was having issues with my theme  and didn’t like the lack of customization possible.  I ended up getting Thesis, and didn’t even realize  that my keyword ranking and all other functions revolving around SEO went WAY up.  It’s worth it.  There’s a reason why a lot of big names use Thesis ;)




Logo Design: (Where I got my Awesomeee logo)


  48 hours logo is where I got my awesome Milk the Pigeon logo.  You basically pay a $29 fee to start the designs, you can designate how long you want to have entries submitted for (I put a week), and then you basically interact with the designers submitting designs, tweak them, and dictate what specifics you want.  After the contest is over, you pay the remainder (total = $79).  A much much more affordable option for a personal blog or company, rather than more popular logo design contests which cost several hundred dollars.  48 hours logo is awesome.


Building an Email / Subscriber List

Aweber is a pretty solid email subscriber & marketing program.  There are a couple of reasons why I use Aweber:

AWeber - Email Marketing Made Easy

#1.  I can send out auto responders.  E.g. someone subscribes to my mailing list and it automatically sends a “Thank you! Stay tuned for more updates.”  Or, you can have someone sign up and immediately get emailed a copy of your e-book. It makes my life a ton easier.

#2. It provides analytics and click rate information that help you track what is working and what is not.  Similar to google analytics.

#3. Incredible support. They even called my home phone when I registered to ask if I had any questions. How many internet companies do that these days? (Hint: It’s the first time It has ever happened to me).  Check out Aweber


Outsourcing (Aka graphic design, book cover designs, writing, anything…)

Build Your Team

There are a couple reasons why I love Elance so much.  When I first read The 4-Hour Work Week I thought outsourcing was pretty difficult to do and not at all accessible.  Well, not anymore.

When I needed to have my ebook digital cover designed I went over to Elance and in 24 hours it was totally designed, and sent to me, all for $50.  I was floored, and plan on using Elance any time I need something outsourced. Check out Elance, you won’t regret it: Hire the Best Freelancers on Elance. Post your job today.


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Bill Boteler June 11, 2014 at 10:12 pm


I have contacted you before.

I currently blog about environment. But I don’t even know if I want to be a writer.

My paid career is non existent and I can’t see what to do about it.


David September 8, 2015 at 8:13 pm

Hey, man. You’re doing Good Work!
Good for you.

Funny, I was looking for pigeons and all they represent, never considering for a moment that though one might be a dove of peace, following the flock would lead me to the meaning of life, in 25 words no less!

Fairly done, lad! And a heads up to ye; I’m gonna write about you a bit and even share the milk of your pigeon through our library for a spell. Your is a good spell.


Max October 26, 2015 at 4:06 pm

Wow, you’re so honestly talking what you use! You are really trying to help us, not to eat our money! Keep up your great work!


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